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Cheque Management System

Cheque Management System

Cheque Management System

Cheque Management System is Software which is designed and developed to facilitate the organization for writing the cheque. It tracks each and every leaf of a cheque issued by the Bank in the name of the Company. It is designed to write cheque of different banks, defining a template based on the Banks Cheque.

Feature Highlights

Four eye Concept

  • Facilitates four eye concept for transactions
  • Adds a principle of security to any decision-making process
  • Triggers effectiveness through ability, integrity and diligent use

Industry Accepted Security Standards

  • World-class encryption and cryptographic standards ensuring secure and reliable storage and transmission
  • Support for digital signatures for non-repudiation and legal validity

Straight Through Processing

  • Adoption of a seamless process that increases automation and standardization in financial world
  • Includes automating the handoff between systems with minimal or no manual intervention
  • Within the complete cheque processing solution, the process automatically integrates with third party tool to perform several actions such as account verification, signature verification, financial posting, reverse posting and so on
  • Aids in effective and efficient processing of the cheques

Integration Capability

  • Bank’s core banking system. Also CTS is capable to integrate with multiple CBS simultaneously
  • Any cheque scanner
  • Cheque Deposit Kiosk
  • Signature Management System
  • Automatic Signature Verification

Monitoring and Tracking

  • Comprehensive audit trail maintenance in the system
  • Real-time monitoring facility for administrators to ensure smooth operations
  • Dashboard and effective tracking model is provided, enabling operating personnel to know the number of instruments lying at different work-steps
  • Aids in identifying bottlenecks

Other Value-Adds

  • Web-based referral system: enable bank’s customer’s relationship manager to take her/his decision based on customer’ response
  • Integrated Image Quality Analysis as per Central Bank’s guidelines as an Automated Activity
  • Tightly integrated solution enabling several applications to work simultaneously on same environment
  • Authorized users will be able to route to different application from single application
  • Extendable to Newgen’s proprietary ICR/OCR engine for auto-extraction, matching of amount in figures and in words, and Automatic Signature Verification
  • Positive pay
  • Corporate Cheque Scanning.

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November 22, 2016