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Subscriber Management System with Billing Feature

Subscriber Management System is a customer-centric care and billing solution that helps multi-play operators beat the competition and meet the information technology challenges of serving the full needs. Subscription management software, or recurring billing and subscription billing, stores payment data and processing charges to automatically take care of recurring revenue like customer subscriptions. E-commerce businesses that want to retain customers and create brand loyalty turn to subscription management software to improve customer service. Subscription management software ensures that the right amount of money is being charged to the right person the accurate amount of times a year. Subscription management software adds on to a payment gateway’s one-time-payment functionality. Products in this category are offered as either a software suite or a standalone tool: suites manage the entire subscription process while standalone products include specialized add-ons that make it easy for businesses to add subscription models to their current product or service offerings. Subscription management software integrates with other tools like e-commerce platform solutions, payment gateways, catalog management software, and other e-commerce tools. Software (SMS) is integral part of Digitalization and it works seamlessly. Subscriber Management Software will help them drive extra incomes, decrease operational expenses and develop association with supporters. Subscriber management software is a coordinated, effective, exhaustive & flexible electronic Management to oversee endorsers, contracts, items/bundles, wholesalers, charging, incomes, stock and provisioning of products.

  • Maintains Record of Subscriber Information
  • Maintains Subscriber Wise STB and VC Serial No.
  • Maintains VC Wise Multiple Packages
  • Capable of individually addressing subscribers
  • Dynamic creation of Packages
  • Generate Subscriber Outstanding Receivable/Payable and Ledger Report
  • Quick Information of Subscriber’s Finance history
  • Single Subscriber with Multiple STB Maintain with Difference Packages

Customer Management
This Subscriber Management System with Billing Feature manages sign-ups, trials, upgrades/ downgrades, and cancellations of our services.

Customer Portal
We provide a self-service customer portal that lets your customers manage their subscription by themselves.

Our software offers you a flexible billing frequency (daily/ weekly/ monthly/ annually/ whenever you want) and is prepared to handle billing exceptions/complexities (proration, credits, refunds, etc.)

It also creates automatic, unambiguous invoices to customers when they subscribe for the first time, renew their subscription, or cancel their subscription

Pricing Plan Management
It lets you make changes in your plans while still being able to grandfather existing customers, add new plans, create/edit add-ons, and so on, without any hassles or second thoughts

Failed Transaction Management
This software has the ability to track failed payments and informs the customers about them. It also manages fraudulent/ expired credit cards and transaction failures.

Discount and Promotion Management
Lets you offer coupons and discounts, generate coupon sets, and keep track of the redeemed discounts.

Customer Messaging for Billing and Error Handling
Records billing errors and automatically sends emails to customers at the right time.

Support for Multiple Payment Gateways and Alternative Payment Methods
Our billing software lets you offer a wide variety of payment options to your customers from banks to various payment gateways.

User Roles
Our Subscriber Management System offers role-based access to let different members of your team take care of their work by themselves, without having to depend on your developers.

Third Party Integration
This software has a feature that provides the option to integrate with third party applications.

EventTriggers and Web Hooks
The software notifies you when pre-specified events occur (e.g., subscription created/ cancelled, card expired, etc.)

Email Automation
Lets you configure automatic, customized, transactional emails to be sent to your customers

Hosted Payment Page
Provides easy-to-customize, plan-specific, and simple-to-integrate hosted pages (this feature depends on how you’re looking to integrate the billing software with your site. If you want a no-coding option, then hosted pages is the path to take)

Slick API
Has clean, flexible, and robust APIs to make your work efficient and effective (this is for those who don’t opt for the hosted page option)

Complete Billing Data Portability
Permits you to export your customer billing data at any time (gives you absolute ownership of your customer data)

Consultative Support
The billing software has a good and responsive customer support team to assist you throughout your journey. A team that offers you “consultative support”, and acts as your extended billing team.